branding. print. website design.

We are a small branding and design studio with a knack for building strong partnerships with like-minded individuals who are looking to tell their story.

This studio is all about inspirational brand + website development. I will work with you closely to deliver purposeful brands that represent your business vision. 

Handling Family 2017-47

Hi, I’m Kate.
A full time mama.
Branding boss.
Web/blog designer.
Lover of any Bravo tv show.
Whatever the opposite of domestic diva is.
Just juggling and struggling through most days.


I am a mom to three boys. Yes, life is crazy. I left my nine to five job in marketing when my oldest was one to stay home with him and help launch our family physical therapy practice here in Delaware. I never once missed the corporate world, but I did miss the personal interaction and creative experience. From there, it was simple – I opened my design studio and have been busy ever since (with work + the boys).

I previously owned several small shops, including Bowie + Lou – a children’s line of clothing as worn by Kourtney Kardashian’s son and Chrissy Teagan’s daughter. I went on to sell the shop and focus on my design business (and again the boys). I absolutely love business talk and helping other like minded individuals. Taking your dream to reality is the best feeling.

Let’s work together!